Spacious Bathroom Project in Cheshire

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Spacious Bathroom Project in Cheshire

Claire Davies Interiors Ltd Liverpool“In this blog post I will be talking you through one of my recent projects here at Claire Davies Interiors Ltd.

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This very special bathroom in Cheshire has received some much needed time and attention over the last few weeks and I’m now very happy to reveal the final result.

The clients had instructed me to design and project manage the renovation of several of their rooms. After two bedrooms for their daughters, this was room number three. I now progress to designing their dining/family areas, guest bedroom, master bedroom, main living room and hall, stairs and landing. I’m even designing and installing their Christmas decorations this year!

Here, I will briefly explain the design process that we have been through.”


This generously sized bathroom was to be used as a Jack & Jill en suite in my client’s home near Cuddington. The original suite and 3D art work can be seen on my recent work page.

The design process involved numerous meetings at the client’s home and also at showrooms; gathering samples, creating visuals, comparing products and experimenting with different layout options.

As well as the lovely location, I found that the flow and the fit of the furniture, and also the integrated entertainment features have really made this a special project to work on and manage.

My client specified that they wanted to have a freestanding bath, a large shower area, plenty of storage space, and a well lit make-up area. We included a combination of recessed LEDs, spotlights and built in speakers to make this a great space to actually spend some real time in.

Claire Davies Interiors Cheshire Bathroom 2Colour Scheme

I chose grey for this project, and I believe that the finished result has benefited from that decision. The textured ripple effect tiles in the shower area add interest and another dimension to the space. The other tiles, on the other walls and on the floor, create balance and flow with their smooth surfaces and calming subtle patterns. As well as the interesting lighting, we introduced a touch of colour in the form of these pink glistening mosaic tiles, for use at the back of the alcove shelving areas within the large walk in shower.

The accessories in this room follow the grey theme and I also decided to introduce some white when selecting the window furniture. I included grey stone and brushed steel for the materials and grey wicker for the laundry basket, an unusual chair in the corner of the room and a white shutter across the large window overlooking the grounds of the property.


Of course, we installed spotlights in the ceiling of this bathroom, but in addition, we opted to add LED strips to the shower alcoves and also behind the vanity unit. Shown on the pink setting in these pictures, the strips can change through a series of different colours including a brilliant cool white or warm white, through to blue, orange, yellow, purple and so on. The lights can also be set to patterns and synced with music, which plays through the built in speakers in the ceiling. All controlled at your fingertips through your mobile phone!

Claire Davies Interiors Cheshire Bathroom 1Layout

By removing the previous stud wall and fitted bath with stepped tiling for storage, we were able to establish the new potential of the layout of the bathroom. We opted to enlarge the shower area and we able to fit a shower tray flush with the floor tiles. The new space that we created allowed the vanity area and sink to become bigger – which obviously created more under the sink storage space, as well as increased surface area for toiletries, perfumes and bottles.

A smooth and uninterrupted layout definitely adds to the appeal of a space such as a bathroom. The fact that we used fixed glass panels rather than a hinged door in the shower area, the use of the elegantly shaped free standing bath, and the soft almost cashmere like texture of those feature tiles, are what makes this room special…

Claire Davies Interiors Cheshire Bathroom 4If you have an interior design project such as a shower room or bathroom that you would like help with, then please do get in touch by clicking on the contact us page.

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