Claire Davies – Interior Designer 

Claire designs for many home owners and families,

commercial property owners and people looking for

unique & creative interior design.


Your home should be the place where you feel the most comfortable and the most content. It should be a reflection of your style and personality, and should resonate with your lifestyle. Mostly, your home should be where you can relax and be yourself.

I have a passion for creating spaces that make my clients happy and improving their overall quality of life by improving their environments. I find that simply by studying the characteristics and behaviours of my clients, I am able to create a bespoke design that can enrich any home.

Great interior design doesn’t happen by chance. It is the end product of careful planning, exploration, communication and curation.

Stephen Lovett
Claire helped us design two townhouses and prepared them for short stay lettings . She did an amazing job. Got some great deals for furniture off some of her suppliers.
Stephen Lovett
Fraser Richardson
Just want to thank you Claire for the work that you did in designing our breakfast project for the Beech Hill Hotel & Spa it looks fabulous and executed wonderfully by Tim from McKyes Bespoke Kitchens. I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.
Fraser Richardson
Kin aerts
We are delighted to work with Claire. She's approachable and easy to talk to. You can discuss anything and she'll work within your budget. Highly recommended👍👍
Kin aerts

Here’s what you can expect when you appoint my company to design your home.

1. Clear Communication

I understand good communication is vital to the success of any project, but this is even more true when dealing with something as precious as a home. Before I commence any project with you, I always start by scheduling an in person consultation to help me understand exactly what it is that you need.

The consultation will usually last about an hour but can be longer or shorter depending on the number of rooms to be discussed and surveyed.

Once we have had this initial consultation, I will begin to develop an understanding of your needs and I will provide you with a quotation for the design services which you require. After you have considered the proposal for design services, I will be happy to arrange an additional meeting to discuss the details. I fully understand that this is an important decision, and I will show commitment to the project from the very beginning.

Throughout the different phases of my appointment as your interior designer, I will always be sure to communicate with you and always be available to answer your questions, should you have any. Our regular in person meetings will demonstrate my dedication to your best interests and peace of mind.

2. High Quality Designs

As a valued client you can expect inspiring and elegant rooms that are sure to make your home feel more ‘you’. The design process is a very personal one – and while the physical methods of displaying a design are obviously important, i.e the mood boards, floor plans and other visuals, it is of paramount importance that the design is created with your needs in mind. This will be the case whether you are looking for a quick refresh or a complete overhaul. I often work on whole home renovations, but smaller projects also require the same level of attention to detail and care. I have worked with clients who have wanted to achieve vastly different finished results on very different budgets. I am happy to provide a quote for any project.

Rest assured that I will work in accordance with your budget and schedule to deliver what you need.

3. Commitment and Professionalism

I pride myself on being able to deliver great results. As an esteemed client, I will work with you side-by side, through every step using the most productive strategies to ensure all your timelines are met. You will always feel taken care of and your home will be in good hands. Clients find me to be genuine and approachable. The ability to appreciate your future hopes for your home are key – this must of course be included in the design process.

4. Ongoing Support and Aftercare

Once the renovation or project management process is in the final stages, I stay on board until everything is taken care of. What will have been feeling like a building site over the last few weeks or months, is to be styled and crafted into the setting of where you will live your life. This transition can be hard work if you’re attempting to do it alone, especially while trying to balance work commitments and family life around something which can be as stressful as home renovations. I know for a fact that my involvement in projects alleviates a lot of worry from the shoulders of my clients. Aside from the beautiful finished homes that I create, this quality of client care is where the special value of my service can be found.


Interior design is both a science and an art. It’s a balance of creativity and precision fusing together. A process which is unique to every client, project and location. To get started with your interior design experience, please get in touch today.

It may be that you have never spoken to an interior designer before and do not really know what to expect from the experience. In our phone call I will ask what it is that I can help you with and other questions such as when you would like to have the project start. This information is useful for me to have as early in the process as possible so that I can start to allow time for you in our design plans for the year.

It is vital that the projects stay organised even from the early stages. Once we have spoken on the phone we can arrange our consultation at your home or on the site, if you’re currently living away from a build.

I’ve worked for lots of different clients who have had varied tastes, but what they all have in common is a lack of time and sometimes also the lack of knowledge of what is required when designing an interior space. Our company provides tailored and bespoke design services to people embarking on all kinds of projects.