Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home


Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Designing your home should be a fun task that you can devote your time to doing. It is a fascinating process because you can experiment with different styles and techniques. It is quite a satisfying experience seeing your ideas come to life. As such, the final result is likely to be exactly what you wanted and something you can always enjoy.

Designing your own home allows you to explore all possible avenues to suit your taste. But to achieve your objective, you need some helpful interior design tricks that skilful designers  have crafted during years of renovating houses.

Therefore, I have decided to give you a comprehensive guide on how to make your interior design dreams come true.interior design tips

Use of Lighter and Softer Colours of Paints for Your Small Rooms

Depending on the type of the colour you use, your room will either appear larger or smaller. Light colours are known to make your room look larger. In that case, you can paint smaller rooms in lighter and softer colours to achieve that feeling of a larger space. In fact, darker walls when painted in light colours will help reflect natural light making the room a little brighter. Whichever the case, you can settle for brighter and softer colours to create an impression of space in your small rooms.

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Create an Optical Illusion of Space with Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors in your room, regardless of its size, will make the room look larger and also increases the amount of natural light. The optical illusion created by the mirror is the main factor to consider to achieve that feat. This is the case when mirrors are placed strategically across the windows. Alternatively, you may use mirrors in an artistic way to fill blank wall spaces and also to add dimensions to your room.

Mix and Match

Mixing the present and the past could be a good thing to bring the past into present while decorating your room. For instance, you can place your grandfather’s antique table next to your modern couch. The same can apply to fabrics and rugs, old and new paints as well as various kinds of furniture.

Talking of furniture, you can try out different designs especially, the French one. Bring the medieval moment in your living room and experience the ambience similar to the Paris King, aristocrats and the rich upper bourgeoisie enjoyed at the dawn of history. However, it is wise that you choose from provincial, Parisian and French royal furniture styles to blend with the current designs in order to balance the past and the present. Features such as cabriole legs and scalloped carvings, typical of French Provincial furniture will add a defined contrast to your current collection of chairs and tables.

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Make your Room Lively with Ornamental Plants

Apart from bringing life into your room, plants also create microclimates in your house. Who doesn’t need some fresh air to breathe? You can decorate your room with plants by placing them on specific shelves. Besides, the inclusion of plants in your room adds colour and texture to accessorise the space and create interest in bare and disused corners.

Use The Available Items to transform the interior of your room

You can use readily available items to transform the appearance of your room. Save your time and money by using those household items that are not in use. They can be silver platters or trays for use on coffee tables, wooden items such as bowls or boxes to keep jewellery in, old fabric and materials which could be made into cushion or pillow cases, and many more. Add some decorations using those items to enhance texture and add dimensions. At the end of it all, you will be fascinated with what you never thought could be ideal in interior design.

What about Unusual Lighting?

Use of lights can be far more appealing to the eye when arranged in a desired manner. You can use them to create patterns of light on the wall or placed around a painting to try to add beauty and enhance the appearance. You can also create mood lighting by placing lamps in specific corners and installing dimmer switches.

Use of Rugs

Besides keeping the floor warm, rugs can be used to decorate your floor especially those that come in different colours and patterns. Therefore, make your floor comfortable and also, a bit colourful with area rugs. A new rug can also help you to create zones within open spaces.

Books and Magazines as a Design Option

You don’t have to keep your books and magazines in bookcases. They can be an interesting addition to your living room, kitchen or bedroom as well. Create an eclectic feeling with a display of old hardback books in your hallway or stairs area.

Transform Your Ordinary Furniture into designer Pieces

Use the paint of your choice to change your ordinary wooden table or chair into a designer piece. Apart from painting them, you can do a bit of modification to change their outlook. Changing the arrangement of furniture is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to instantly make a difference in your home.

Above all, a home interior design should not appear as a complex task but rather a wonderful experience that you can work on over time. Be sure to take before and after photos of your projects to compare and show your friends and family. You could even keep a scrapbook and update it each time you make a significant alteration to your home, or each time you have an idea of what you’d like to do next. The pages will tell a story of your home through the years. Some people believe in not spending before making proper plans. This, as with other kinds of delayed gratification, can be difficult but it is worth it in the long run. It is good to have goals to work towards, so why not look at photos of what you’d like to have and tell people what you like and what you’re looking for so that they can help you.

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