How to Make Your Garden Private

How to Make Your Garden Private

How to Make Your Garden Private

There is nothing as refreshing and peaceful as being in an intimate and secluded outdoor space. It is the reason lots of people go to great extents to create a feeling of privacy for their gardens.

Privacy within your garden has many advantages; it gives you a sense of safety and security while keeping intruders and prying eyes away from your personal space.

Here are some the most effective ways of how to make your garden private.

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Building a Fence

One of the simplest ways to secure your garden and keep away from prying eyes is the installation of a fence. A fence blocks the general view, as well as any unwelcome noise. These often come in different materials and styles.

You can opt to go for the more private solid tongue-and-groove, such as brick and metal types, or the semi-private types such as picket, slat or spindle. You could also consider the public kind of fencing such as the rail which factors in the need for security rather than blocking the view.

As you put plans into action for fencing, a few things also need to be put into consideration. These include the rules and regulations that apply for your type of fencing. For example, if you are planning to install higher fences, you might be required to seek special permits for installation.

Utilising Shrubs and Trees

Vegetation is a natural, refreshing means to improving your garden’s privacy. It is also an inexpensive yet, effective way of blocking the view and staying confined in your own private world. The best thing with this kind of option is that you have an all-year-round protection and privacy for your garden.

Shrubs are an easy way to create an impenetrable screen, but they also offer an amazing shade and protection from the elements.

Growing Hedges

There are unique varieties that you can use to grow a beautiful hedge. In case you want a more natural look, you can mix in the shrubs as well. This kind of combination can help to add extra beauty in terms of colour, height, and texture to your hedge.

With such a rich mixture when it comes to size, shape, and colour, you can easily layer your hedge into an amazing creation of mosaic. However, this kind of hedge requires commitment and extra care in terms of watering and pruning. You will also need to apply lots of patience as you wait for it to take the required form.

Another alternative is the installation of a faux hedge. It is quite advantageous as there is no watering and pruning required. Again you do not have to wait for ages for the plant to take form. Although slightly expensive, it’s an instant solution for privacy for your garden.

Still, it does not matter the size and shape of your garden, the faux hedges panels come in various shapes and sizes. And just in case you want more enhanced privacy, these panels can fitted with sound-proofing insulation.

Planting Bamboo

These plants are a beautiful and exceptional way with which to create privacy for your garden. The plants are easily raised in a well-prepared garden bed. You can also raise them in good containers that have strong barriers.

The best thing about bamboo plants is that they do not need much maintenance and they easily take their own natural form. Also, they grow in incredible heights, good enough for privacy as well as windshield.

Hanging of Drapes

Hanging drapes is creative and strategic way to block the view. The market has nicely designed outdoor curtains that are also water resistant this type of privacy is favourable as it is both cost-friendly and instant. Apart from keeping you closeted, it introduces a breezy kind of fresh air into your space.

Incorporating a Pergola

It is a great way for improving privacy to your garden. There are many ways for creating suitable levels of privacy with pergolas. If you want more seclusion, add more vegetation in and around the pergola. A vine-covered pergola does the trick as it creates a shady and intimate effect.

However, if you want even more, double the dose of privacy, you can add lattice panels between pergola columns. You can also enhance seclusion AND CONFINEMENT with drapes of outdoor curtains hanging on the pergola. The advantage of building a pergola is that it adds all year-round beauty and structure to your landscape.

Creating Berms

Berms are small hills created into your landscape. They work perfectly well in adding the required height to plants. You can plant shrubs and trees on berms to create a barrier between the street and garden.

To increase stability of your berm, you can build it with rocks and stones. if you have smaller tree and plants in-between, berms work well to highlight them.

Creating a Climbing Plant Trellis

A trellis does an excellent and immediate job of blocking any kind of view. In building a plant trellis, you get a permanent support and stability for the tendrils and twining vines.

Great and diligent care is needed for the growth of the creeping plants. All the same, it takes quite a short period of time for you to achieve the desired level of privacy for your garden.

Growing Thorny Buffers

Thorny buffers are a perfect way of not only giving your garden the necessary privacy; it also works effectively in enhancing security. It is a cheap means of blocking the view, and keeping away any kind of trespassers. You can add the buffers around your garden and any other locations where you think there is trespassers.


Garden privacy is coveted for many reasons, which include personal security. There many ways of how to make your garden private. You can go for simple and cheap or you can fork out some impressive amount of money for the same.

Factors that come into consideration when creating privacy for your garden are many and varied. These include the type of materials used, the size of your landscape, and even the urgency for privacy.

Meanwhile, you also need to put into consideration the rules and regulations regarding the kind of privacy structures you are putting in place.

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