My love of plants and appreciation of garden design and landscaping started as a child, during time spent with my grandmother. It is a natural human desire to tend to a piece of land: to care for it, to treat it and to contemplate in it. It is this intrinsic connection between people and land in which I aim to root all of my landscape design projects. I believe that it is the highlighting of this emotional and physical connection throughout my completed designs that creates happy clients throughout Cheshire, where we are based.

As a landscape design client, we would arrange a free consultation to discuss the outdoor space that you are looking to make changes to. You may feel that you know exactly what you are hoping to achieve in terms of a look or layout, or you may instead feel that all you know is you want it to look amazing. However far you may have got in the early planning stages, the free consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss various options and it will also allow us to complete a site survey.

Once we have met and discussed your garden or outdoor space, I will provide you with a quotation for design services.


Claire Davies Interiors Ltd Manchester

As humans, design plays an intricate role in all aspects of our being.

In designing a landscape or garden, a lot of complexities have to be factored in order to complement the different facets that abound in nature.

While it is true that most humans have the innate ability to imagine beauty and can work on land e.g. plant things or build structures, to translate their vision into reality, it is highly unlikely that a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach will net you the results you crave as far as garden and landscape design is concerned.

A good design is not just looks. It also needs to be innovative, intuitive, functional, and fulfil a purpose. In order to achieve this you need to work with a professional designer who has proficiency in the fields of art, soil biology, and horticulture, to name but a few.

This is where I come in.

Here are a few ways I can help you get the results you’re looking for.

1. Idea Generation

Due to my life long interest in design, and experience as a garden and landscape designer, I have the ability to generate new ideas for your garden design, or refurbish any existing ideas you may have into higher concepts that will provide you with more value.

Whether you want to get your lawn spruced up, or you just want to embellish your flowerbeds so that they give off a particular tone or ooze a particular feel, I can provide you with abundant ideas that will help you better conceptualise your initial desired outcome.

2. Site Analysis

Location! Location! Location!

If you’re thinking of starting a garden or a yard, I can help you assess your property by taking into consideration your proposed plans and the big picture perspective to determine the prime areas you can use.

I will also consider other factors such as soil type, the existing structures available, the type of plants you need (if any), water access points, the climate, e.t.c.

Through a comprehensive check-list, I am able to conduct a thorough site-analysis so that you get the best garden area possible.

3. Conceptual Design

In addition to brainstorming ideas with you for your landscape or garden, I’ll also work with you to come up with a conceptual design for your project. This process involves going over the numerous options available that can fulfil your wants and needs and then narrowing them down to the options that are most appropriate and better suited to your situation.

During the conceptual design phase I will guide you through the various design processes and strategies to help you make an informed decision on the best route to take.

4. Construction Planning

In construction planning, I will work with you to transform your abstract conceptualised designed plans into tangible – actionable plans.

This phase is essential because some design plans can be too grandiose and not easy to actualise, or they may be achievable but the budget for their accomplishment may not be in accordance with your budget estimates. This phase helps us determine if a conceptualised plan is feasible or not.

Through construction planning, we are able to delve into the scope of work that is required and work out the details. This eliminates the need for improvisations and delays later on that will cause inconveniences.

Construction planning also helps us devise a schedule to ensure prompt and on-time delivery of contracted work.

5. Contractor Liaison

In this phase I work to bring your designs to life. In case you’re working with any other contractors on your property I will ensure there is good co-ordination at all times to facilitate the successful accomplishment of your garden design project.

Should I deem it necessary to bring any other professional contractors on board, for one reason or the other e.g. urgent tight deadlines, large scope of work e.t.c, I will oversee all the work they undertake to ensure it is in compliance with the agreed upon conceptualised designs and construction plan.

6. Start to finish

When you hire me you can rest assured I will stick with the project until it is fully actualised. In case of any unforeseen pitfalls, I will notify you of these at once so we can re-strategise where need be to ensure the project continues according to your schedule and budget as much as possible.

Other Reasons Why You Should Work With Me

I’m a professional

I value all my clients and treat them with respect.

I’m also highly personable, and very responsive to all client queries. Customer service and getting back to my clients’ questions quickly is very important and key to developing a trusted designer-client relationship. I pride myself on arranging the initial survey and then providing my quotation as soon as possible, usually within days of your enquiry.

I’m Resourceful

Are you operating on a tight budget? No problem. I can work with what you have to deliver something you will absolutely love. I have a deep intricate knowledge of both the scientific and artistic aspects of garden design and landscaping and can therefore easily deliver an end-result that is both appealing and purposeful.

I’m Highly Reliable

Are you looking for a designer you can trust? Look no further.

Regardless of the length of your project or the complexities that may be involved, you can rest assured that I will be with you every step of the way until the designs are actualised

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to start the quotation process. No matter what you need, rest assured I have the skills, competence and dedication to get you exactly what you want for your garden or landscape design project.

I look forward to hearing from you.