Three Easy Steps To A Rustic Kitchen


Three Easy Steps To A Rustic Kitchen

Rustic, lived in, oldy worldy looking kitchens are massively in fashion. To some extent, they always have been and always will be, but over the last few years, the whole “shabby chic” followed by “upcycling” movements have left people craving interiors that inspire a sense of history and cosy homeliness.

One of the easiest areas in the home to introduce this style to is the kitchen. Whether you live in a small flat, country cottage or 3-bed semi, you can implement these ideas to help you achieve your desired look.

In this article, I’ll guide you through three steps you can take to transform your kitchen into a rustic haven.

  1. Displays

You can really go to town with creating displays for this style of kitchen. Copper pans, vintage teapots and cups and saucers, beautiful hand-painted bowls and your other favourite bits and bobs can create points of interest on shelves, window ledges or hooks on walls.

Fairy lights and candles could add charm to an unused shelf or windowledge. Whilst rails fitted to doors or walls can create display areas and possibly provide helpful additional storage. You could also fit window boxes for your cooking herbs or colourful trailing flowers.

Something that can often be overlooked in the kitchen is artwork. While you may think you haven’t the space for artwork on your kitchen walls (and that may be true for people with average sized kitchens), there are ways to squeeze it in.

Small greetings cards printed with hand-painted images are now widely available. Spend some time looking around your local card shops and gift shops and choose a few of your favourite designs. Then simply purchase or order some frames to fit. These small cards-come-mini paintings can be dotted around your kitchen or arranged together to create a montage effect. Affordable, unique to you and simple.

  1. Fabrics

Fabric choices for curtains and blinds in the kitchen can lift an otherwise quite bland colour scheme. Tying in the colours you choose for these with your choice for tablecloths can really bring the look together. Classic choices for this style would be gingham, chintz or a pretty bird print but you can really pick something that appeals to your taste.

If for whatever reason you aren’t able to make any permanent changes to your kitchen, this is a way to make it your own.

Remember you’re not necessarily limited to what you can buy ready made. You can measure up and source your own fabric and try and make your own or send the details on to a curtain maker. It may be that there’s enough fabric left over to make matching napkins. Happy days!

  1. Accessories

Accessories and decorative items can add personality to your new rustic kitchen. Some ideas include a message or memo boards, a solid oak bookshelf for overflowing cookery book storage, flowers from your garden or the local market and so on.

With the rustic look, you don’t need to hold back on bits and bobs. Let your interests and personality inspire your ideas and go for it!

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