Modern Shower Rooms

Modern Shower Rooms

Modern Shower Rooms

In the UK there are upwards of 125,000 bathroom renovations each year. While many of these people are devoted to bubble baths and plan to include a new tub in their renovation, it is becoming increasingly popular to switch from Bathroom to Shower Room or Wetroom. The difference between a Shower Room and a Wetroom is a process called tanking. Wetrooms require this process, which can be done in two different ways. It basically involves waterproofing all walls and floors that will be coming into contact with water. The floor of a wetroom is also (very nearly) totally level; meaning there’s no step up into a shower tray and that the floor of the shower and the floor of the rest of the room are the same. You may be surprised to know that you can still have underfloor heating incorporated in your wetroom.

There is a plethora of different designs and new technologies for Shower Rooms and Wetrooms. From frameless glass screens so crystal clear that you can hardly see them… to waterproofed digital shower interfaces allowing you to customise and programme your preferred water temperature and pressure… Remote controls that allow you to start the shower from bed… speakers in a showerhead to play your music from your phone etc etc etc. There are so many new products and opportunities to explore.

With the new options available it’s worth knowing what is out there as you may come across an idea that you love which you would not have previously considered. By the way, this post is full of inspiration for a modern bathroom.

I recently designed a Shower Room in an apartment in Liverpool City Centre and the design used panels for a sleek and seemless finish and a fixed glass screen from the floor almost to the ceiling. These fixed glass panels give the room a stylish and modern look and are especially suited to a client with minimalist and fuss-free taste because of the lack of a hinge or handle. I’m designing a Shower Room for a client in Cheshire at the moment. I’ll update you with photos when it’s completed.

Glass panels come in many sizes and even colours. Fancy having tinted glass like a V.I.P? Not a problem. Instead of having just one panel you could consider having a narrower panel at a right angle at the end of the shower area, creating a rectangle shaped enclosure and leaving a gap to walk in and out between the edges of the two panels.

Of course what we want from our lovely modernised Shower Room is a top-notch showering experience. This brings us to shower heads. Shower heads are an education. You can get recessed shower heads that are installed into the wall or ceiling, shower heads with multiple water flow systems eg. rainfall, waterfall, spinning jets, and showerheads which illuminate you from above with LED lights. Prices range from £100-£200 up to (believe it or not) over £5000.00. Whatever the budget may be, I do feel that it’s worth getting a high-quality shower head, specifically a large one which I’d class as 25cms+.

For help with a Shower Room that you’re planning, get in touch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Tomorrow the article topic will be – ‘How to style and use your conservatory in the winter months’.

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