Inside Look- Master Bedroom Renovation

bedroom renovation

Inside Look- Master Bedroom Renovation

In this article, I’ll talk you through the renovation of a Master Bedroom I’ve just completed for a client of Claire Davies Interiors.

We’ll cover the design, layout, the lighting, decorating, flooring, furniture and soft furnishings.

* Design

These clients decided to renovate their home instead of moving. In recent months we’ve gone through the entire house. The difference is incredible and they now have what is essentially a totally different home for their family.
The brief was to design a modernised, elegant and practical Master Bedroom with adequate storage. The room was north-east facing so lighting was a priority. From rip out and removal of all old fitted furniture, free standing furniture, soft furnishings, carpet etc, to the complete installation of a beautiful new bedroom… every single thing was taken care of by Claire Davies Interiors. You can see the review from these clients here…

* Layout

Previously the Master Bedroom had 2 full walls of fitted wardrobes. The new storage design, although taking up less space than before, actually offered a more practical solution for my clients, allowing them to store more than before in a smaller footprint. I also incorporated a Super King bed, 6ft wide. Quite an upgrade from the 4’6” double they had become used to. Everything that is incorporated into the design of the room has to be measured and calculated to the centimetre, even millimetre, to guarantee that clients can use the space efficiently.

Master Bedroom Renovation

* Lighting

Adjustable spotlights were installed to fill the room with light when needed. Because of the layout plan I had designed, I was able to specify that some of the lights be angled towards where the new sliding door wardrobes would be stood. I used warm white LEDs on a dimmer switch to give my clients the flexibility to adjust the lighting throughout the day. Each bedside table had an elegant crystal based table lamp with a jade coloured box pleat shade. Modern and elegant.

* Decorating

The colour scheme I used here is timeless. A soft pastel blue, tones of gold and silver for depth and interest, and off white. The wall colour is Altrincham Blue and I would absolutely recommend it for use in bedrooms. It’s warm and inviting and it’s also neutral enough to be used with other colours.

* Flooring

There’s no denying that this carpet is luxurious. The lustre of the deep pile lends itself to the elegant look I wanted to achieve. The feeling underfoot (especially without socks) is a dream! The sumptuous texture and look of this carpet makes it a go to for creating a luxury bedroom.

* Furniture

Mirrored sliding door wardrobes were used in this bedroom with customisable storage solutions. My clients had specified that they wanted plenty of shelves for folded clothes so during the design process I was able to customise the layout of the wardrobe space. You’ll notice I also included a chaise lounge at the foot of the bed. Practical for sitting down while you put your socks on, but mainly you can’t get much more luxurious than a chaise lounge in the bedroom. A chest of drawers stood in the perfect position to house the TV for comfy mornings, or evenings, watching tele in bed.

* Soft Furnishings

These curtains are divine. Full length luscious harlequin fabric that catches the light and compliments the carpet perfectly. High quality 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding is another touch of luxury. Good bedding will last for years and years and get softer the more it’s washed. The bedding sets that I use are as soft as butter. If you’ve never had high thread count bedding before I urge you to try it.

I’m happy to say the clients were thrilled with the finished room and so was I. It looks great.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this article.

Look out for my next article on interior design,

Claire Davies

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