There are many things I have to consider when creating a design for a client’s home.

Every client is different… as are their personal tastes and styles.
One of the attributes of my design service which I am most proud of, is the ability it has to blend with the needs of every single client I have worked with.

As a designer, I am aware that I need to be flexible and willing to change and grow with each new project that I take on. My design service is not about stamping my style all over your home. It is about listening to you, thinking and then creating.

The reason my business has been and will continue to be successful is that I listen to my prospective client’s problems, and I provide a solution. If you are wondering what I can do for you, I’d be happy to talk.

It may be that you are not quite sure what you want yet. I’m confident that even just chatting with me should help you clarify what you’re hoping to achieve.

Concept Design and Consultancy

A strategic process used to develop an idea into a comprehensive design. If you want to make changes to your home, in one room or in several, then Concept Design will be step number one. My role is to create a strategy for achieving the desired finished result. Through really listening to the client’s individual needs and having open communication, this process brings together all aspects of your design brief with a constant focus on time-frame and budget, of course, and prepares us to go on to implement the design into your home.

Design Management and Installation

With the solid plan of action from our Concept Design phase, we move onto design management. This is where all of the moving parts come together to bring the design to life. Having established professional working relationships with trusted tradespeople, we can work effectively and efficiently towards the specified completion date. My company can contract in all of the skilled tradespeople needed to complete the project to the highest of standards. Undoubtedly, this is a worth while investment.

Business Services

If you are interested in a design service for your business location, please send your information and we will contact you to discuss.

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