Interior Designer in Wirral

Claire Davies Interiors Ltd offers clarity on how to achieve the feeling that you want from your home.

Claire explains why Claire Davies Interiors should be your first stop for interior design in Wirral.


1. Unbeatable Customer Services

“As a designer working mainly in residential properties, I meet new clients and their families all the time. People look to me for help with making their homes more enjoyable. This is a big responsibility and I’m proud to help all of my clients.

With all my projects the happiness of the clients comes first. I use an easy to understand design process, regular and clear communication and creativity with thoughtful styling to develop ideas and make the process interesting and enjoyable for the clients.

I’m extremely proud to say that I’ve never had an unhappy client.”

2. Thoughtful, Beautiful and Unique Designs.

“Listening to what my clients want is essential and it’s always at the forefront of my mind when designing… but that’s only part of the story. People use my company for different reasons but I’ve noticed that it’s usually for one of two reasons in particular:

  • Either clients don’t know how to create the look that they want
  • Or clients don’t have the time to create the look that they want.

When designing I have to be able to see through the eyes of the client. I have to understand their likes, their lifestyles and how they want to feel within their homes.

To create a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical to live with daily, I need to see the big picture and the smallest of details.

I believe that the ability to understand the unique needs of the clients and families that I work with is one of the areas in which Claire Davies Interiors excels.”

3. Quality Installations

“Once a design is completed the client has two options:

1. Arrange the installation themselves

2. Contract Claire Davies Interiors to complete the renovations and project manage the installation of the design

Acting as a project manager I can bring the design to life. I can do it within the designated timeline and within budget.

The ideal project manager has the highest of standards, excellent organisation and management skills and meticulous attention to detail…
…have you seen the reviews yet?”

4. Proven Success

“One of the ways I define the success that I achieve in my business is by how much I’m able to help people.

Wanting to help people was the reason that I started my business and it continues to be something I strive to do daily.

Interior design is a service that I provide. It’s both the quality of the service and the way that the service is delivered that creates the best client experience and is what’s made me successful.”

5. Repeat Customers

I regularly get invited back to clients houses to work on second, third or fourth projects for them.

Former clients also recommend my company to their friends and family.

This shows me that clients see the value that I offer and that they trust me.

What could be more of a recommendation than that?”

Read what clients have said after working with Claire Davies Interiors.

I live in California and my mum lives on the Wirral. I hired Claire online after reading her reviews. I wanted her to design a new living room for mum who is older and cannot drive. Claire took her shopping and helped her pick out new furniture, rugs, cushions etc. My mum loves the new living room and says it’s the best present she ever had. She will probably have Claire re-design the rest of the house as she did such a great job on the living room. I would highly recommend Claire. She has been a pleasure for both my mum and I to work with and the end result is fantastic. Could not be happier.

Living room Wirral, October 2017

Interior designer Claire Davies offers a range of design services throughout Wirral.

With numerous projects already successfully completed, you can trust that your project will be designed and developed to suit both your high standards and individual requirements.