Renovating your home in 2018

renovating your home in 2018

Renovating your home in 2018

Here at Claire Davies Interiors, I’m talking with clients about their projects for 2018.

I have clients from many areas, including Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire, Macclesfield, Chester and Warrington using my company for their home improvements.

People have many different reasons for renovating their home. At the moment these include; “It’s been 20 years since we decorated or bought new furniture”, “we got married and moved in together 2 years ago and have only recently had the resources to do this”, “we’ve just bought the property and we’re going to rent it out” etc.

I’m confident that whatever the situation is, I can help.

If you’re wanting to make improvements to your home in 2018 then give me a call or send an email (see contact page).

Here is a list of things you can do once we’ve booked our first appointment.

1) Think about when you’d want the project to be finished.

My team can work quickly. If you have a date you’d want everything to be completed for then let me know this at our first appointment and I’ll get it in the diary.

2)   Get inspired

Of course, I will provide ideas – but in the few days before our appointment, you could search the web or magazines for images to show me of what you like i.e styles, colours, layout, gadgets, fabrics.


3)   Discuss what you want to spend

I will advise on costs but ultimately you need to set the budget. Decision makers in the household should make time for a conversation on this topic.


4)    Make notes

Write a list of questions you want to ask me. I’m good at advice and I like to help people. If I don’t know I’ll find out!


5)    Realise that not all renovations are stressful

Claire Davies Interiors removes the stress from a renovation. A Bold claim to make, I know, but it’s true.


If you’re planning a renovation in 2018, I look forward to meeting you!





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