Regal and Mysterious – Quick Change Interiors 

Regal and Mysterious

Regal and Mysterious – Quick Change Interiors 

This is my living room. It didn’t look like this last week, and it won’t look like this next week. As part of a new feature for my blogs I will create a new look in my own home using only a few pieces of furniture and accessories and a quick coat or two of paint. I’ll change the theme and style to show how you can easily create something different. Think of it like a real life 3D mood board.

The first installation of this new feature of mine has been given the title “Regal and Mysterious”. 

We used this set as the back drop for some new photographs. I’m looking at it now as I write this article and it looks like part of an exhibit from a museum. Very moody and a little macabre

I’ll talk you through the set up.

Paint colour is important if you’re going for this kind of vibe. Royal Blue, Deep Navy and Peacock Blue are huge at the moment and were popular in Georgian and Victorian times. The colour I used is called Hawaiian Blue 3.

The Chair is a genuine Victorian Antique frame that has been quite recently reupholstered with sympathetic trim and button detailing. I particularly like the working castors and sloping back.

The lamp, which is probably my favourite item, is brass and made from a Canon shell. It’s engraved “Nov 1917”. I have wondered if it was used in battle… or perhaps it was defective and landed in someone’s field amongst a flock of sheep… I bought it from Beeston Reclamation. It didn’t have a shade so I tried a few but I quite like it without.

The pictures were a real find. All from the house clearance of a Country Manor. I wasn’t allowed to know where exactly. The chap in the largest picture is called William Inglis and he’s portrayed on a golf course. I did some research and apparently he was a surgeon and also Captain of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (the oldest golf club in the world). The original was painted in 1787 by artist David Allan, a fellow golf club member.

The frame is fantastic. I’m not sure if it’s wood or plaster yet but it was clearly made by a talented professional.

The smaller pictures have something special about them too, and again the frames are amazing. The fading labels on the back read “Carvers and Gilders” which is a company based in London who hold a royal warrant.

This peacock blue background is perfect for gold and brass coloured accessories. They really compliment each other. Other colours that suit this style are emerald green and a deep oxblood red.

Flowers from M&S. White Hydrangeas and pale pink and white roses balancing on the complete library of Shakespeare, incase you wondered.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the first edition of my Quick Change Interiors feature. The next instalment will be tilted “Blush and Bright”. Inspired partly by my love of pink chairs and partly by a project I’m working on in Chester which includes a warm blush pink as the main focus of the colour scheme for the ground floor renovation.


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