Inside Look – Bollington cottage renovation

Bollington cottage renovation

Inside Look – Bollington cottage renovation

Before November last year, I had never been to Bollington. I now love it. One of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been to in England.

The cottage that I’ve been working on is ideally situated on a quiet cobbled street with a babbling brook immediately outside the back door. You can hear the water from the kitchen.

It was small in size and was in serious need of some love when I first visited it. My clients had purchased it to rent out, so there was no need to provide furniture.

Claire Davies Interiors provided a new kitchen and bathroom and freshened up the colour scheme in the bedroom and living room. The turnaround time going to be tight but we did it.

What was tired and sad only a few weeks ago is now bright and fresh and ready to welcome an occupant.

Here you can see the before and after photos of the shower room. This is the most dramatic change in the house.

With a small house, there’s not always a lot that can be done in terms of changing the layout. When you’re in a situation like this, you have to go for carefully selected pieces and just a few of them.

The shower room now has much better lighting and stone effect tiling which is sympathetic to the property’s age. I chose to instal oak effect floor tiling in the shower room and kitchen to add some warmth to the colour scheme.

Thankfully there are built in cupboards which provide useful storage and also frees up floor space in the bedroom. The wall hung vanity unit also creates the feeling of additional space by allowing the floor beneath to be visible. The warm neutral wall colour provides a relaxing environment to pamper and preen and the chrome finishes add a modern-sleek touch.

Here are a few steps you can follow to help you when thinking about renovating your shower room.

1. Use this as a chance to improve lighting.

There’s no avoiding mess when you’re ripping out an old shower room. The old tiles will bring the old plaster off with them and believe me, there will me dust.

It’s the perfect chance to maybe take out your one little central bathroom light and install spotlights or wall lights. The ceilings can be skimmed to cover the holes from previous fittings at the same time that the walls are skimmed ready for new tiles.

There is now a huge selection of lights and bulbs suitable for use in bathrooms and shower rooms.

We installed warm white led spotlights in Bollington. 1 in the shower cubicle, 1 above the sink and one above the doorway. It’s one of the things that makes the new shower room feel so inviting.

2. Create your perfect colour scheme

Take your time visiting show rooms and looking for inspiration online and in catalogues.

Also remember that a colour scheme you may have previously ruled out, might now be possible after you decide to go ahead and improve the lighting.

3. Stay organised

Lots of trades are involved in the renovation of a bathroom or shower room. Unless you were to use an interior designer for example, or a full service bathroom company that will also provide plastering, electrical, tiling, joinery, plumbing and decorating, then you will have a lot to keep track of.

Ordering materials, booking people in in the right order and staying on top of potential problems and delays are all things that you need to be on the ball with.

The pay off however, when everything goes right, will be truly amazing and could take as little as a week.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this ‘inside look’ article.

Here you can see the kitchen before and after photos from the same house:


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