How to use your conservatory in the winter months

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How to use your conservatory in the winter months

Having a conservatory can provide useful extra square footage and the process of building one is relatively simple compared to adding a brick extension. During the summer months, your conservatory probably gets lots of use, but there’s no denying that in the winter months they can be too cold to use in the same way.

Due to the fact that a conservatory is largely glass and does not (usually) have roof insulation they can be difficult, and expensive, to heat. Newer conservatories may utilise triple glazing, and there are companies that can provide insulation for the roof panels. The way that the conservatory is constructed will dictate whether you are permitted to extend your central heating to it to have a radiator in there. Sometimes it can be possible to install underfloor heating too.

A few other ways to boost the temperature in your conservatory can be to install blinds, if you haven’t done so already, and to have a floor rug.

Being in your conservatory in the winter, all toasty and warm, while looking out into your frosty garden sounds like a lovely way to pass time. Assuming your conservatory is indeed warm enough, here are some ways to use the space after summer.


1. Unleash your inner artist

Gardens are a source of constant inspiration for photographers and artists of all sorts. Whether you enjoy drawing, painting or taking pictures, you could set up a nice little studio to keep yourself amused in the evenings or on weekends. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy it may be something that kids or grandkids could do to make a change.

For keen gardeners, this could also be a good opportunity to sit and plan any design changes for next year. With panoramic views of your garden during the months that it’s at its most bare you can step back (and shut the door) and get some perspective.


2. Create an impressive Christmas display

Over the festive period you could extend your usual decorating to the back garden, knowing in the evening you can sit and enjoy your efforts from the conservatory. Twinkling fairy lights dotted around hedges and through branches will light up your garden in the evenings giving you a delightful view whilst dining or entertaining. If you have the floorspace available, then why not have a Christmas tree in there too?

If you’re entertaining a larger group you could set up your party’s bar area in your newly appointed winter wonderland/conservatory. Think Santa’s grotto for grown-ups.


3. Work-out space

You possibly have never considered working out in your conservatory, but it could be a good option. Push the furniture aside and you’ve got a good-sized space. The natural light and privacy from the rest of the household could provide the ideal solution to your winter work-out regime. It’s commonly known that gym attendance dwindles in the autumn and winter. People finish work and just want to get home. Having some gym equipment in the conservatory with some music going could mean you get home and have finished your work out when you’d otherwise only just be arriving at your usual gym.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

Tomorrow’s article is about designing a neat integrated kitchen.

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